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Sat, 22 Jun 2024
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BIMP-EAGA ASEAN Coral Triangle
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This Practical Guide provides access to knowledge, information, tools and solutions that facilitate governance in tropical seaweed-to-carrageenan value chains (TSV). This means:
minimizing shrinkage and other costly risk factors
avoiding poor decisions caused by poor information
minimizing “friction” between value chain links
The need for improved governance of tropical seaweed value chains has been evident for several years. Cottonii supplies have been tight, value-chain dynamics have been opaque and quality issues have created considerable value-chain friction. The intensity of a need for value chain governance systems became very evident during the cottonii crisis of 2008 (Figure 1).
The decision to publish this Practical Guide and to mobilize
www.seaplant.net/bimpeaga was reached as a result of  value chain studies and stakeholder meetings sponsored by GTZ, IFC and ADB during 2006-2007. The need was punctuated by the extremely active participation of industry and other seaweed stakeholder groups at the First Indonesia Seaweed Forum in Makassar on October 27-30, 2008. It was concluded that future events such as the 2008 cottonii crisis could be prevented and tropical seaweed-to-carrageenan value chains could become much more sustainable if BIMP-EAGA takes the lead in providing:
KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS including regulatory constraints and guidelines that are value-chain “show-stoppers”.
INFORMATION PRODUCTS – especially decision critical items such as seaweed production and pricing.
TOOLS including open protocols for good practices; test procedures; approved third-party testing providers and transparent tracing of crop provenance.
SOLUTIONS such as an affordable third-party quality assurance system that enables sellers to assure buyers that they are getting what they pay for.
This Practical Guide is a step toward linking buyers and sellers to these products and several others that will facilitate functions for integrated global seaweed-to carrageenan value chains.
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