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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021
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The presentations and video, photos and participant list are from the meeting and workshop of Sustainable Mariculutre.
Acceleration and  sustainability development in marine and fisheries
To link among partners/stakeholders to a share
To support regional autonomy policy implementation, through strengthening local capacity to manage and carry out  development in their region (provincial and district level
Partnership, collectiveness, and synergism among  stakeholders could be a strong capacity and potency to manage natural resources for local and national development 
Adaptive research, a a PMB components, could be a bridge to synchronize universities’ products/works with local needs.
Opportunity to accommodate local priority, through proposal development
Partnership among MMAF, Marine Affairs & Fisheries Agency in Provincial and District level, Universities, Private Sectors, Non-Government Organizations and Community Group
Outreach, Extension, Training and Transfer of Knowledge and Technology, Seconded Staffs to support Policy Recommendation  and Applied Research
Partnership = Contribute each partner’s potencies
Partnership  concept of SPP à Share Contribution, Equity and Transparency
Coastal Community Development : to improve and & strengthen capacity, facilitate to any access, motivation, participatory, improve capability and skills to enhance sustainable development
Source: Jamaluddin Jompa, pHD. presentation
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