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Sat, 22 Jun 2024
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BIMP-EAGA ASEAN Coral Triangle
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HB2A 1008 V2 VC
HB2C 0808 V1 VA
HB2D 1108 V1 GTZ
HB2E 1008 V1 IMTA
HB2F 1008 V3 GAP
HB2I 1008 V3 REF
SEAPlant.net does not presume to have “definitive” best practices but we work with farmer groups and have had to come up with useful starting points. We hope to enlist assistance and support for making these tools more comprehensive and widely accepted:
Good agronomy practices for Kappaphycus and Eucheuma: including an overview of basic biology. SEAPlant.net Monograph no. HB2F 1008 V3 GAP
Tropical Red Seaweeds as a Foundation for Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA); Four propositions and an action plan for this major opportunity in the Coral Triangle. SEAPlant.net Monograph no. HB2E 1008 V1 IMTA
www.seaplant.net has laboratory testing facilities in Makassar and can undertake simple tests such as shown in (Monograph HB2H 1008 V3 LTP). SEAPlant.net is also in the process of certifying third-party testing facilities to undertake these and such other tests as may be required by buyers and sellers.
www.seaplant.net is constantly conducting courses and providing technical assistance related to farm development and capacity building for farmer enterprises.
Some of this material is available through www.jasuda.net in Bahasa Indonesia and English language versions are in process. Topics include Guidelines for Trainers; Seaweed and its Applications; Choosing Locations for your Seaweed Farm; Seaweed Farming Techniques; Post Harvest Handling of Seaweeds; Your Seaweed Business; Managing a Seaweed Enterprise; Strong Farm Enterprise Development; Benefiting the Whole Family and the Community; Sustainable Integrated Seaweed Farming
www.seaplant.net and www.jasuda.net are both expanding as portals for delivering KITS in English, and Bahasa Indonesia.
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