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Thursday, Sep 28, 2023
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B&V Agar Producers (Italy)
B & V srl is a private company specialized in the production of agar agar and of a complete system of stabilizers based on hydrocolloids and functional ingredients.
BCC Business Communications Company, Inc.
(USA) Produce industry analyses including C-184A Marine Biopolymers by John Dullea Published August 1994 and selling for $2,650.00 for full the report
BD Biosciences [Difco]
(USA) Still a leader in the bacteriological agar segment.
BioWhittaker Molecular Applications
(USA) FMC's former agarose capacity has been acquired by BioWhittaker. Now as part of Cambrex.
CEAMSA & Hispanagar
(Spain) A Wachters' organic sea vitamins and supplements distributor and manufacturer of agar and carrageenan.
Chemcolloids Ltd.
(UK) Blenders, traders and stockists of hydrocolloids, food ingredients and gelling agents including carrageenan
Colloides Naturels International
(France) Colloides Naturels International (CNI) is a leading supplier of natural colloids. including marine biopolymers, gum arabic and gum acacia
CP Kelco
(USA/Denmark/Philippines) Copenhagen Pectin (GENU) and Kelco have joined together to combine their strengths in pectins, xanthan, carrageenan, alginates, etc.
CPL Scientific Business Consultants
(UK) CPL provides consultancy on markets and technology and on strategies for business development. They have two goals. One is to identify and maximise opportunities for clients through strategic and tactical analysis leading to action plans. The second is to build lasting relationships with clients by delivering high quality work and prudent advice. They achieve this by integration of our thorough, scientific approach and our extensive commercial experience. they specialise in food, agriculture and biotechnology.
(UK) The hydrocolloids venture catalysts. CyberColloids offers a range of services covering research, innovation, manufacturing excellence, outsourcing strategies, process and product development as well as sales and technical marketing support.
Danisco Textural Ingredients
(Chile) Manufactures GRINDSTED® Carrageenan at production facilities in Chile and Scotland.
Degussa (Germany)
Degussa-Hüls merges with SKW during the first quarter of 2001 and the new company is being called Degussa. The major marine biopolymer concern that we used to know as Sanofi has been part of SKW in recent years.
FMC BioPolymer
(USA/Denmark/Ireland)/Norway/Philippines) FMC is apparently separating its chemical and machinery parts later in 2001 so there may be more name changes.
Forland Inc. Seaweed Product from China
Produce seaweed products such as sodium alginate, iodine, animal feed, & mannito.
Fu Chun Food
(Philippines) Carrageenan specialists mainly dealing with SRC kappa
Gelymar Extractos Natureles
(Chile) Carragenina es un polisacárido natural obtenido de algas rojas y utilizado principalmente en alimentos, a los que otorga textura. Existe una carragenina para cada necesidad y los procesadores de alimentos pueden sacar gran provecho de su utilización. Gelymar es una empresa chilena, especialista en la producción y aplicación de carrageninas.
IMR International
"(USA) Dennis Seisun's hydrocolloid site. A ""must"" if you want to follow trends in the marine biopolymer market. "
Ingredients Solutions, Inc. (Formerly Shemberg USA)
(Site under construction) Dr. Pete Bixler's company specialising in carrageenan.
Marcel Carrageenan
(Philippines) a significant manufacturer and exporter of carrageenan and of cottonii and spinosum raw material
Worldwide association to promote image and use of seaweed-derived hydrocolloids in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
Marine BioProducts Inc. (Canada)
Producer of agar and agarose from cultured Gelidium
(Morocco) Website under construction Agar manufacturer.
P.T. Gumindo Perkasa Industri - Indogum Carrageenans
(Indonesia) manufacturer of carrageenan for food applications.
P.T.Electrindodaya Agar
(Indonesia) Producer of high-quality agar-agar powder for food.
Qingdao Jiaonan Bright Moon Seaweed ndustrial Co.
(China) Manufacturer of sodium alginate, alginic acid, mannitol, lodine, seaweed powder, carrageenan, textile chemicals, food additives, sweeteners & pharmaceuticals
Qingdao Yellow Sea Seaweed Industry Group
(China) lost link Old URL: http://www.chinapages.com/shandong/qingdao/huanghai/
Shemberg Corporation
(Philippines) A major player in the Philippine cottonii, spinosum and carrageenan markets but beset with financial and other difficulties in recent years.
SNAP Natural & Alginate Prod. Ltd. (India)
Manufacturers of Quality Alginates
SoBiGel (France)
Manufacturer of agar and agarose derived from seaweed harvested on the Atlantic coast of France.
Starlight Products Div of CNI Food Gums
Raw materials, trading, soluble gums, natural ingredients and agro-based commodities
TBK Manufacturing Corporation
(Philippines) TBK has a monthly production capacity of 150 metric tons of semi-refined carrageenan, which is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated machinery that is handled by highly trained engineers and staff. The entire production process is under strict HACCP accredited standards and is continuously handled and monitored by highly trained supervisors who ensure that every stage is strictly carried out in accordance with standard procedures of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
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