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Friday, Dec 08, 2023
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East ASEAN Initiative training modules featured at BIMP-EAGA training-of-trainer workshops
Saturday, Jun 20 2009 - Source: Seaplant.net - last read: Friday, Dec 08 2023 (8623 x)
From early 2008 until June, 2009 the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) supported a project known as the FOR THE EAST ASEAN INITIATIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PILOT PROJECT (EAI-BDS).
A Seaweed bubble bursts, soaking Indonesia Farmers
Thursday, Oct 23 2008 - Source: The Wall Street Jurnal - last read: Friday, Dec 08 2023 (8937 x)
BANTAENG, Indonesia – something fishy happened to seaweed last summer on the tropical island of Sulawesi. Easy to grow and prized for an ingredient used in making toothpaste...
Seaweed powder could give noodles formulation boost
Monday, Sep 22 2008 - Source: Journal of Food Science - last read: Thursday, Dec 07 2023 (5590 x)
Powder from green seaweed may offer the growing noodle market a new avenue for formulation, according to a new study from Taiwan.
Spanish firm wants to buy seaweeds from RP
Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 - Source: By Marianne V. Go Philippine Star - last read: Thursday, Dec 07 2023 (5449 x)
Hispanagar S.A. of Burgos, Spain, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydrocolloids, is interested in buying raw seaweed from the Philippines, mainly from Sitangkai, Tawitawi.
The Nutritional And Medicinal Value Of Seaweeds Used In Chinese Medicine
Monday, Apr 28 2008 - Source: http://www.itmonline.org - last read: Friday, Dec 08 2023 (5948 x)
Seaweed draws an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea that can account for up to 36% of its dry mass
The Danger Behind Rocketing Prices For Seaweed Raw Materials in The Carrageenan Industry
Monday, Apr 28 2008 - Source: jasuda.net / Luna Vidya - last read: Friday, Dec 08 2023 (10092 x)
The farm-gate price of raw, dried cottonii seaweed has almost doubled in price over the past year. The trend toward increasing dried cottonii seaweed prices is happening not only in South Sulawesi but also in other seaweed growing areas
Carrageenan Refined & Semi-refined
Friday, Apr 18 2008 - Source: aisonschem.com - last read: Friday, Dec 08 2023 (12213 x)
Carrageenan is obtained by extraction with water or alkaline water of certain species of the class Rhodophyceae (red seaweed). It is a hydrocolloid consisting mainly of the potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium sulfate esters of galactose and 3.6
What is seaweed???
Wednesday, Apr 16 2008 - Source: teara.govt.nz - last read: Wednesday, Dec 06 2023 (6768 x)
Seaweeds do not have roots or internal tissues to conduct water. They absorb minerals and gases directly from sea water through the surface of their blades.
Alginate production methods
Thursday, Mar 06 2008 - Source: fao.org - last read: Friday, Dec 08 2023 (7226 x)
Alginate is present in the cell walls of brown algae as the calcium, magnesium and sodium salts of alginic acid.
Varieties of the Kappaphycus
Friday, Dec 07 2007 - Source: The Eucheuma Seaplant Handbook Vol. 1 - last read: Thursday, Dec 07 2023 (5011 x)
The describe some of the Kappaphycus
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