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Grow seaweed - add value - win markets
SiPlanet Foundation
The South East Asia Seaplant Network
Saturday, Jun 22, 2024
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SEAPlant.Net... Linking South East Asian seaplant enterprises to sustainable global value chains
Dr. Iain C. Neish Managing Director iain@seaplant.net
Dina Saragih Commisioner dina@seaplant.net
Boedi S. Julianto Director boedisj@seaplant.net
Irsyadi Siradjuddin Manager irsyadi@seaplant.net
Dedi Lukman Kurniadi Administrator and Seaweed Technical dkurniadi@seaplant.net

Contact us if you wish to obtain or to provide information, tools and resources in the production, processing or utilisation of seaweeds, sea vegetables & seaplant products.

Join with us in our mission of making SEAPlant.Net an effective facilitator of seaplant value chains.

If you wish to contribute content to the site in the form of publications, news, or items for sale we are developing a program for this. Contact us about terms and conditions. Learn about our revenue sharing system.

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Latest News
East ASEAN Initiative training modules featured at BIMP-EAGA training-of-trainer workshops
Saturday, Jun 20 2009 (10049x)
A Seaweed bubble bursts, soaking Indonesia Farmers
Thursday, Oct 23 2008 (10415x)
Seaweed powder could give noodles formulation boost
Monday, Sep 22 2008 (5824x)
SEAPlant.net can immediately offer testing services for shipments leaving Makassar, Surabaya and Jakarta.
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