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The South East Asia Seaplant Network
Monday, Jul 22, 2024
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About SEAPlant.Net
SEAPlant.Net has been conceived as a means for meeting needs that could not have been satisfied as recently as five years ago. We utilize newly emerging seaplant technologies and enabling technologies to identify SEAsian areas of comparative advantage and provide means by which SME can utilize these to achieve competitive advantage.
The mission of SEAPlant.Net is to provide facilitating tools and enabling solutions that encourage and support the formation and operation of sustainable, profitable value chains linking South East Asian seaplant enterprises to global markets for seaweeds and seaplant products.
The scope of SEAPlant.Net embraces sustainable value chains that are founded on seaweeds and other seaplants and lead to products that give good value to end users.
The focus of SEAPlant.Net is on enabling and facilitation alliance networks among micro, small and medium enterprises. This is consistent with the mission of the PENSA program of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which supports SEAPlant.Net and other SME linkage programs in Indonesia.
SEAPlant.Net is based in Indonesia but has developing hubs in the Philippines, Malaysia and has "spokes" that extend to other countries in tropical tropical countries in Asia and the rest of the world.
SEAPlant.Net is developing strategic alliances with private companies and organisations that have complementary core resources and common cause with SEAPlant.Net. First and foremost among these alliances is that with PENSA but as SEAPlant.Net develops it will strive to serve bridging, facilitating and enabling roles in and ever-expanding seaplant enterprise network.
SEAPlant.Net products are being developed as enabling solutions that provide information and tools that create an environment where value chains can function. They support the execution of core functions and the undertaking of properly governed transaction links by enterprises involved in seaplant value chains.
Useful tools & information in the works from SEAPlant.Net are described in the following sections of the website:
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from the EAI-BDS project of AusAID and from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH.

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