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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Tuesday, Jul 03 2007 - Source: Boedi S. Julianto - last read: Thursday, May 23 2024 (3259 x)
“Provide integrated management services, operate value adding technology, franchising and management system for Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) and will connect them to market through traceable value chain.”


Value Adding Services (VAS) is one of SEAPlant Network Foundation business entity which offering franchise system to the clients for producing traceable concentrate carrageenan and nutrient solid from seaweed. VAS also provides consulting, auditing and training services in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Quality Management System - ISO 9000:2000 (QMS), Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point (HACCP), Food Safety Management System - ISO 22000:2005 (FSM), Environmental Management System - ISO 14000:2004 (EMS), Integrated Management System (IMS), Verification and Market Facilitation.

VAS main target market is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from aquaculture, food industries and agribusiness sector. VAS will also serve cooperation with non-profit organization, government and International institution that needs services in management and community development.

VAS is supported by 3 professional staffs working full-time, few associates and has information technology center, complete manual, policy, procedures, up-to-date software collections and library to support the operation. Therefore, we could deliver the best services to clients and customers. The VAS organization could be shown as Fig.1

Fig.1. VAS organization chart and relationship with clients and business partners


VAS associates have excellent proven track record in assisting companies to design, develop and implement effective system and to gain certification or compliance to international standards.

Some of the key benefits of using VAS are summarized as follows:

  1. Business Process Methodology

  2. VAS uses a unique business process methodology as the core principle to customize GMP, QMS, HACCP, FMS, EMS and IMS for each client. The benefits of the System develop using the Business Process Methodology is many folds:

    • Meeting certification requirements;
    • Easy to maintain;
    • Overall improvement in working efficiency and effectiveness;
    • Basis for effective and efficient training;
    • Basis for continuous improvement;
    • Customer satisfaction.

  3. Systematic and long term Approach

  4. VAS’s approach is systematic and result oriented. Every stage of the project is carefully planned and guided - you will have a peaceful mind. Our training oriented approach ensures maximum knowledge and skill transfer from our consultants to your staff, hence achieving self sufficiency in system development and ease of long term maintenance.

  5. Reduced Quality Cost

  6. In most organizations, a considerable amount of turnover is often lost as un-quality work as a result of poor system, workflow or control. VAS’s approach which aims at long term growth and improvement will reduce this loss.

  7. Experience in Industrial requirements

  8. VAS associates have excellent track record in assisting hundreds of companies in different industries in their successful GMP, QMS, HACCP, FMS, EMS, IMS implementation and certification, and most importantly, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the companies’ implemented system.

  9. Experience in Certification requirements

  10. VAS associates have assisted many MSME, MNC and independent certification bodies in setting up certification system and training certification auditors, thus very well-versed with certification requirements.

  11. Experienced Associates

  12. VAS uses the best associates in the industries. Each of our associate has proven track record, good training abilities and ability tom work with all levels. Most importantly, our associates are committed to assist you to achieve your objectives.

  13. Strategic implanting of key performance indicator

  14. VAS’s unique technique of implanting Key Performance Indicator strategically into the GMP, QMS, HACCP, FMS, EMS,IMS to measure the effectiveness of the System can be used for the basis for continuous improvement and hence, add values to the System.

  15. Long Term Business Partnership

  16. VAS believes in long term partnership in business. Our ability to support your Quality initiatives does not end with your successful certification or implementation of International Standard. At the appropriate time, we would be pleased to discuss strategies for your continuous improvement needs.

Master copy of course materials for the training programme are to be provided by VAS and to reach the company before commencement of the course. The company will assume responsibility to reproduce the required number of copies for the participants. The company will not copy, reproduce, adapt or otherwise use any VAS materials or literature arising from, or relating to VAS engagement by the company without prior written permission from VAS.

To ensure effective interaction between the tutor and the delegates, the class size is limited to fifteen participants. Attendance is restricted to only staff of the company. Other outside parties is not allowed to attend this in-house course.

VAS provides certificates limited for in-house training programme as included in the consultancy project.

The company will provide the necessary training facilities to comfortably accommodate the number of participants. The following training facilities should be made available:
- LCD projector
- White board and Flip Chart

In addition, the company will also provide the necessary administrative support to facilitate the smooth running of the course. Such administrative support will include:
- Photocopy services
- Writing materials (2 reams)
- Stationery (Ballpoint pens, marker pens, transparency pens, post it notes, etc)

SEAPlant Network – Value Adding Services
Indosat Building 5th Floor,
JL. AP Pettarani 45
Makassar 90222
Log Input: jkalsum@se
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