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Thu, 28 Sep 2023
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BIMP-EAGA ASEAN Coral Triangle
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Good Agronomy Practices for Kappaphycus and Eucheuma:
Including an overview of Basic Biology
SEAPlant.net Monograph no. HB2F 1008 V3 GAP, by Iain C. Neish
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This monograph and its companion monographs in the HB2 series supersede and expand upon The Eucheuma Seaplant Handbook Volume I : Agronomics, Biology and Crop Systems (SEAPlantNet Technical Monograph No. 0505- 10A; ISBN 979 99558 0 7). Volume II of the Eucheuma Seaplant Handbook was never completed. Material that was to be included in that have been written up as other monographs in this HB2 series.
SEAPlant.net Foundation (SPNF) began as an initiative of IFC – Advisory Services under the PENSA I program that ended its five year term in June, 2008.
During jointly funded work involving the PENSA program and GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH.)  it became clear that an integrated, ongoing and readily accessible body of information was necessary to facilitate and catalyse the development of seaweed farming as a component of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) in the BIMP-EAGA region in particular and in the Coral Triangle in general. GTZ therefore joined with SPNF to develop A Practical Guide to Quality Assurance, Governance Systems and Good Practices for Tropical Seaweed-to-Carrageenan Value Chains with focus on developing harmonization and transparency in the BIMP-EAGA region of ASEAN in the Coral Triangle (SEAPlant.net Monograph no. HB2D 1108 V1 GTZ ).
The practical guide is provided as a tool for negotiating the tangled web of rules, regulations, standards, tests and other requirements that increasingly make life complicated for industry stakeholders whether they be seaweed farmers, processors or end-users.
One of the objectives of the Practical Guide is to bring about the development of harmonized Good Agronomy Practices (GAP) for seaweed farming within the region. The present document is a draft that we hope will ultimately lead to GAP.
Regulations and standards for the aquaculture industry are at an early stage of development. Those for the specialty chemicals businesses are in a constant state of change and comprehensive standards for carrageenan and agar in the BIMP-EAGA region have yet to be adopted although draft standards are under development. Consequently this is a “living document” that is being updated periodically.
We heartily welcome suggestions and guidance from the users of the present monograph and the Practical Guide.
Iain C. Neish, October, 2008
Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
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