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Make Seaweed Farmer as a Smart and Success Businessman
SiPlanet Foundation. Net (SPNF) was founded as an inisiatif from IFC Advisory Services in 2004 and help provide technical assistance for small and medium enterprises to seaweed farmers and investor. SPNF has cooperated with seaweed farmers in East Indonesia, exporter and processing plant of domestic region and abroad and also facilitate business relationships between  farmer with end user transparent, ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

SiPlanet foundation has designs Training of Management System of Food Safety syllabi, Management quality system training, seaweed business for small and medium enterprises training and training of website making for your business profile. The training flow chart was designed for participants and easy to replicate about cultivating technique, maintenance, harvest, post harvest, marketing, business management, food safety management, quality management and website development for your business.

  Training of Food Safety Management System 
  Training of Quality Management System
  Training of Seaweed Business for Small and Medium Enterprises
  Training of Web site development for your business profile
For further information, please contact us at:
Team JaSuDa.nET / SiPlanet Foundation
http://www.jasuda.net; email: team@jasuda.net
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Rabu, 01 Apr 2020
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