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21-30 dari 472 berita
The Fate of Seaweed Farmer in Nusa Penida is very Concerning
Selasa, 25 Feb 2014 - http://portal.balipost.com - Baca 1 x
SEMARAPURA, BALIPOST.com- The best quality seaweed of Nusa Penida, inversely to the real condition of the farmer. In fact, the seaweed farmers much more miserable. This condition invites the concern of Klungkung Regent, Mr. Nyoman Suwirta. ...
Businessman: The Target of Seaweed Production from Aceh government
Selasa, 25 Feb 2014 - http://manado.tribunnews.com - Baca 0 x
TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, JAKARTA –The number set by the government for seaweed production in 2013 reached 7.5 million tons of seaweed is questionable by the national seaweed businessmen. The reason the number is out of line with the national total seawe...
Bad Weather, The Seaweed Cultivation Do the Early Harvest
Selasa, 25 Feb 2014 - http://beritajatim.com - Baca 0 x
Pamekasan (beritajatim.com) – Bad weather in the last few months caused by high rainfall intensity and the ocean waves, not only made a number of fishermen anxious. ...
The Seaweed Farmer Complained The Road Infrastructure
Minggu, 23 Feb 2014 - http://www.csrsidoarjo.com - Baca 0 x
JABON (radar) –The progress of seaweed farming activities in the rural area of Kupang, Jabon district, less balanced with adequate road infrastructure. Therefore, the farmer existing there hopes that in 2014 the government of Sidarjo regency can imme...
South Sulawesi Boost The Seaweed Industry
Minggu, 23 Feb 2014 - http://m.sindonews.com - Baca 1 x
Sindonews.com – The governor of South Sulawesi, Mr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo will make the checking related to the availability of seaweed in South Sulawesi. ...
The Development of Tengah island Made The Seaweed Business Drops
Minggu, 23 Feb 2014 - http://beritapulauseribu.com - Baca 0 x
The construction and development of the Tengah island as an elite region in the Seribu island, causing pro and contra among local society. The problem is, the development considered causing the decrease of seaweed farmer business in Pari island, Sout...
The Indonesia Seaweed Association (ISA) Asked The Province Government to Make The Policy of Seaweed
Minggu, 23 Feb 2014 - http://beritakotamakassar.com - Baca 0 x
MAKASSAR, BKM – The Indonesia Seaweed Association (ISA) asked the South Sulawesi province government to make a policy which can make the cooperation related to the seaweed development. The Chief of ISA, Mr. Safari Azis, explained, his authority can t...
The Businessmen Asked the Ease Permits of Seaweed Processing Business
Jumat, 21 Feb 2014 - http://bisnis.liputan6.com - Baca 4 x
Liputan6.com, Jakarta: The Indonesia Seaweed Association (ISA) asked the easiness of seaweed industry permits. The permission of seaweed business now is tending to make difficult because at least there are 14 types of permission letter issued by a di...
Seaweed Downstream Need Mature Planning
Jumat, 21 Feb 2014 - http://www.beritasatu.com - Baca 0 x
Jakarta – Indonesia Seaweed Associaton (ISA) evaluated the government step to encourage the downstream sector is still need mature planning. ...
The Head of Bengkalis Regency Take a Look at the Seaweed Cultivation
Minggu, 09 Feb 2014 - http://mediacenter.riau.go.id - Baca 0 x
RUPAT- The Bengkalis Regent, Mr. Herliyan Saleh is reviewing seaweed pilot project in the Tanjung Rhu village, North Rupat district, Wednesday (1/1). The Regent accompanied by the Regional Secretary of Bengkalis, Mr. Burhanuddin and the Head of Mar...
21-30 dari 472 berita
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