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21-30 dari 168 Litbang
To Make the Carragenan Quality not Worsened
Minggu, 16 Feb 2014 - http://jefflhepo.blogspot.com - Baca 4 x
The carrageenan quality worsened At least, there are 20 industries of ATC (Alkali Treated cottonii) processing and semi-refine carrageenan operating in Indonesia. In addition, although it's still a small-scale processing, there are are also refini...
Fish and Seaweed Brownies
Minggu, 16 Feb 2014 - http://www.trobos.com - Baca 0 x
Fish and seaweed brownies not only rich in protein and fiber, but also have better taste and texture than ordinary brownies. ...
Increase The Battery Capacity with Seaweed
Rabu, 12 Feb 2014 - http://www.teknopreneur.com - Baca 2 x
It turns out that lithium-ion batteries can store ten times more energy per kilogram if made with silicon anode, in contrast with the ordinary li-ion battery. The energy capacity is up to 1000 watt-hours per kg. With this capacity, any vehicles wit...
Seaweed as New on Substance for Malaria Treatment
Rabu, 12 Feb 2014 - http://mypotik.blogspot.com - Baca 2 x
Researcher from Georgia Institute of Technology, said a type of seaweed in tropical sea has the potential to be the key of malaria treatment in the next generation....
Ice-ice Disease Control to Improve the Production of Indonesian Seaweed
Senin, 06 Jan 2014 - http://ejournal.undip.ac.id - Baca 3 x
The potential development of seaweed cultivation in Indonesia is very large because the suitable land available is very wide, the high species diversity, simple cultivation technology and capital required is relatively small. But, the cultivation o...
Seaweed foods: Wakame!
Senin, 06 Jan 2014 - http://seaweed-undip.blogspot.com - Baca 0 x
Is there anyone who doesn’t know the wakame? Like nori, this food is well known in Sakura country, Japan, compared to Indonesia. Perhaps for people who like to eat Japanese food must be familiar with Wakame. ...
Simple Cages of Seaweed Cultivation
Sabtu, 21 Dec 2013 - http://marufkasim.blog.com - Baca 1 x
Problems of Seaweed Culitvation The main problems arise in seaweed farming tools of longline and raft method nowadays is the high intensity of pests and diseases. It can decrease the production of seaweed up to 40-50% of the total monthly product...
The Site Selection and Raft Construction In Seaweed Cultivation
Sabtu, 21 Dec 2013 - http://kekerangan.blogspot.com - Baca 1 x
Generally, the seaweed cultivation was done in the off-bottom method, floated raft method, and hanging rope method. But from those three methods which gave the advantage and very much like is the floated raft method. ...
Tissue Culture Technique Push the Seaweed National Production
Senin, 18 Nov 2013 - http://www.djpb.kkp.go.id - Baca 1 x
Beside being the production center of shrimp, Lampung also has the potential to be a producer of seaweed. One of the obstacles in the form of seaweed cultivation is seed availability in sufficient quantity and good quality, now it can be addressed th...
The Determination of Generative Reproductive and Adhesion Preference of Eucheuma cottonii spore
Sabtu, 09 Nov 2013 - Hasil Penelitian Ma’ruf Kasim dan Asnani, Fakulta - Baca 1 x
One way to improve the seed quality of Eucheuma cottonii seaweed is by seeking regeneration in generative form. The aims of this study is to determine the release of E. cottonii seaweed spore naturally and the preferences of spore adhesion to the sub...
21-30 dari 168 Litbang
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