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Republic of Indonesia-South Korea Develop the Seaweed Biotechnology
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://www.antaranews.com - Baca 1 x
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and South Korea (SK) develop biotechnology derived from seaweed to be used as an environmentally friendly energy. ...
A Unique Meatball made from Seaweed and Young Coconut
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://www.okefood.com - Baca 0 x
JOMBANG Are you get bored with the meatballs presence in the market? Try the homemade meatballs of two students in Jombang, East Java. ...
Along The Sydney Coast is plant the Seaweed Again
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://www.radioaustralia.net - Baca 0 x
The marine ecologist from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) claim that they have succeeded in restoring the seaweed species that once grew along the Sydney coastline. ...
Kletus-kletus, How delicious the Urap Latoh (Seaweed: The Caulerpa)!
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://m.suaramerdeka.com - Baca 0 x
The latoh plant not only inspire the crafter in Lasem district to perpetuate this marine plants in a piece of batik cloth originally from lasem. A kind of seaweed plants that has long been known to have a distinctive taste and tempting tastes. ...
Coy Meatball Soup (Seaweed Meatball)
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://slurpppyummy.blogspot.com - Baca 0 x
This meatball soup is called meatball hair because it uses the seaweed as the materials that shaped like hair. ...
Back then, Mothers Loves to babble, Now They are Busy does the Seaweed Business
Minggu, 09 Mar 2014 - http://pontianak.tribunnews.com - Baca 0 x
TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID, PANGKEP Mothers love to waste their time bubbling, or chat while gossiping. ...
The Indonesia Science Institute (ISI) Will Study the Catch Medium of Porphira
Selasa, 25 Feb 2014 - http://www.tribun-maluku.com - Baca 0 x
Ambon, Tribun-Maluku.com : The Marine Biota of Conservation Center (MBCC) ISI will manipulate the media to catch the Red Algae cultivation, the Porphira type on the Ambon island. ...
The Seaweed Processing Machine Operated
Selasa, 25 Feb 2014 - http://bp3ed.disperindag.ntbprov.go.id - Baca 4 x
The CCS program (Cattle, Corn, Seaweed) of the seaweed cultivation field is getting advanced in Dompu district. Because, the government did the test and at once did the handover of the seaweed processing machine as an assistant from the Industry Mini...
Products Diversification of Seaweed as Natural Dyes in Batik Industry
Minggu, 16 Feb 2014 - http://ikm.kemenperin.go.id - Baca 0 x
The Center for Industrial Craft and Batik Yogyakarta has conducted research on the type of seaweed that have less economic value. "The seaweed of Sargassum types underutilized for food products, but its natural stock is still available", said Farida ...
Indonesian Must Set Seaweed As Main Vegetable Ingredients
Minggu, 16 Feb 2014 - http://www.dnaberita.com - Baca 1 x
JAKARTA | DNA "Indonesia should adopt a strategy using seaweed as the main biofuel. Fossil fuels will inevitably run out. Solar power will be affected by climate change in the tropics that are getting a lot of rain. Meanwhile biofuels from land pla...
11-20 dari 168 Litbang
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