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Grow back the bone with Seaweed Extract
Senin, 26 May 2014 - www.tribunnews.com - Baca 68 x
The Australian researchers succeeded in using seaweed to regrow bone and tissue in medical experiments that could lead to new treatments for a number of serious diseases such as cancer and schizophrenia....
Seaweed: Alternative Energy Resources
Senin, 26 May 2014 - http://www.esdm.go.id/ - Baca 69 x
Daily energy use is constantly increasing but the supply of energy mainly from fossil fuel is diminishing and may be discharged at all. Energy consumption of fuel such as premium, diesel and kerosene also produces pollution and result in global warmi...
The Efficacy of Seaweed For Humans
Senin, 26 May 2014 - http://info-wanita.com - Baca 19 x
The discovery of a spiral type of seaweed in 1962 shocked the world. This is because it is known that 1 g of seaweed equal with 1000 grams combination of assorted vegetables, the richest nutritional content, the most complete, the most stable nutriti...
Umpar and PT Bantimurung Indah Explores The Seaweed Development
Senin, 26 May 2014 - http://umpar.ac.id - Baca 22 x
Seaweed as an alternative source of energy is a new thing that should be supported and developed. Micro- algae as a biofuel is considered more competitive than other commodities....
The Seaweed Can Save The Great Barrier Reef
Sabtu, 10 May 2014 - http://news.detik.com - Baca 0 x
Jakarta – Researchers in Queensland said, the seaweed can be used to fix the reef condition at the ‘Great Barrier Reef &rsquo. All this time, the seaweed has been used in many things, including for human consumption, feed and other ingredient in h...
The Research of Many Favorite Seaweed Least Developed
Minggu, 27 Apr 2014 - http://www.kkp.go.id/ - Baca 1 x
Research development and utilization of seaweed (micro algae) is still small. About 682 types of algae found in Indonesia, only about 20 species are developed. From that number, there are only three types are the favorite type of the industry. ...
Seaweed Sweet
Minggu, 27 Apr 2014 - http://rumputlautmanis.blogspot.com - Baca 0 x
Probably everyone already knows the life of seaweed.. Seaweed was very much beneficial. Let's take this opportunity to share information about the seaweed which can be used as sweet.. well... Previously, let's find out what is seaweed ... ...
To Increase the Selling Value, Seaweed can be Made as Food
Minggu, 27 Apr 2014 - http://www.aktual.co/ - Baca 0 x
The Head of Small and Medium Industries Development Facilitation (SME) Department of Trade and Industry of North Sulawesi, Mr. Alwy Pontoh, said the seaweed commodity in the province can still be developed from the derivative products, thus generatin...
The Bottle System of Seaweed Cultivation
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://nahjoy.com - Baca 2 x
The bottle system is a combination between off-bottom and floating systems. In this way, the production that is only 1 ton/100 square meter can increase to 5-7 tons/100 square meters....
Seaweed is Very Good For the Health of Thyroid Gland
Minggu, 06 Apr 2014 - http://tipskesehatan.web.id - Baca 1 x
Fucus Vesiculosus is the Latin name of seaweed or algae. This plant can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Baltic seas. This seaweed can absorb heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and copper. Also, it has been used as fuel in several comm...
1-10 dari 168 Litbang
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Grow back the bone with Seaweed Extract
Seaweed: Alternative Energy Resources
The Efficacy of Seaweed For Humans
Umpar and PT Bantimurung Indah Explores The Seaweed Development
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